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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 1, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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xpect now. >> yes, and i tell you what, guys more on the way. doesn't look like this will be an once and done thing likely ends up with more showers more heavy thunderstorms, just pounding rain. actually the rain that woke me up not even the thunder and lightning, which is interesting. it just dumped on our house through the overnight. and some of are you getting that dump right now. i mean, you have got some really soaking rain falling currently across portions of salem county, into camden county gloucester county, and also new castle county that one big blob basically, just south of philadelphia. and then, another line that's rolling at this point primarily through southeastern burlington and ocean counties, but this rain is pounding down. and it does also have, as you can see some embedded thunderstorms, some embedded lightning showing up here, as we put things into motion. while not everyone is getting hit at the moment, everything has essentially seen some wet weather at this point. if you haven't yet, you will eventually. right now, we do still have one loan flood advisory in the
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local area. that is primarily over new castle county and delaware, but there is a flashflood watch, little bit after difference here, flashflood watch, in other words there could be flooding at any time, posted through all of those counties shaded in the green. that extends to up new york sit if i that's where your travels take you today certainly within the urban corridor right along the i-95 zone basically. so go throughout the day. expecting temperatures region wide to actually still be steamy. he should get to you about 80 degrees even despite very limited sunshine, if at all in philadelphia. but, there will be more showers and thunderstorm, that's really the story everywhere here today. they come through somewhat in scattered fashion. but when they do come through they're going to come through heavily, and they'll certainly bring very heavy rain, again the threat for lightning too just one of the days where the umbrella is essentially a requirement. >> and then good wiper blades for sure. of. also today june 1st starts meteorological summer, not going to be nice summer day outside. because bad timing with this rain. so we got road spray ponding
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on the roads disable vehicles, some accidents already this morning, this is 76 eastbound approaching belmont. we do have disable vehicle that's taking out the right lane here, and you can see, a loft wet roads to deal with. that's probably the cause after lot of these accidents. this car actually spun out. this is 95 northbound, between ridley park and 420. so facing the other way, it is on the shoulder, police activity here. getting by with no problems. again you might encounter gaper delays, again flooded roadways, a lot of pond to go deal with. we have that reported on the blue route both northbound and southbound, between broomall and saint david's so be aware of the stretch in both directions, downed tree upper providence route one at route 252, police are directing traffic again even with the heavy rain, it loosen some of the trees roots. they're table to come down. new jersey, burlington mt. holly accident taking out the left lane, also, in berlin, white horse pike, westbound at haddon avenue, the off ramp closed due to sinkhole, the alternate crosskeys road.
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that's a look at your ride this morning. back to you. >> we continue to follow breaking news, several homes go up in flames in delaware county overnight. >> residents say that this is not the first time firefighters had been in the neighborhood in recent days either. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now at the scene, in chester, with the latest information. jan, good morning. >> reporter: erika, ukee good morning, now there is fire did a whole lot of damage, fortunately, though, no injuries to report on scene. either to firefighters, nor the people who live in this neighborhood. fire officials on scene tell me that everyone who lives in neighboring homes to the vacant building where this happened, they were able to get out before fire crews arrived on the scene. five buildings, in total impacted here, want to go through them one by one. the first one, 418 bently place, that's where the fire started. the next four are where the fire spread. down the line, three of those four have heavy fire damage. the fourth one smoke damage. so, five homes here, in all impacted.
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the red cross says the numbers will stay this way as far as people being displaced. five families involving eight adults and 11 children, now fire crews remain here on the scene this morning making sure none of those hot spots flare up also, as part of the cause investigation. they were called out here right around 1:30 this morning, to bickly place. they arrived to heavy smoke and heavy fire. they fought this fire for a long time to get it put out. again, fortunately no injuries, just whole lot of damage. unfortunately, folks hearsay they are getting tired of vacant home fires sparking up. the last one was actually friday night into saturday morning. that is 420 bickly place. bolt of the fires now under investigation. but the main concern here on scene right now of course is making sure the hot spots don't flare back up. take a listen. >> 418 was vacant. there was nobody to rescue on 418. and the one next-door the family was already out of the building upon our arrival. >> we had heavy fire showing first floor and second floor,
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one in service with two hand lines to the first floor and second floor, laid supply line from the hydrant at 12th street. >> reporter: back out here live on scene, you can see things kind of winding down here. some of the firefighters leaving, wrapping up their equipment, again the fire marshall will have to determine the official cause of these fires not only the one that happened this morning, but the one that happened friday night into saturday morning, as women they both start in the vacant buildings, i'm told, and then spread to the neighboring homes. still a lot of damage here, but fortunately no injuries. as soon as we get updates we will bring them straight to you. live in chester, jan carabeo cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> now, another fire to tell you about. this one in vacant building in pottstown montgomery county. that will fire at walnut and york streets was burning out of control for at least 30 minutes. firefighters came after a quick thinking ten year old ran to the rescue. >> at this saw smoke. and then i called 911.
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>> luckily, no one was injured, quick thinking ten year old. >> funeral plans being made by the family of beau biden. the former delaware attorney general, and the son of vice president, joe biden died saturday of brain cancer. he was 46. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us now in our satellite center standing by with the story. justin? >> good morning, of course, locally many of russ grieving alongside the biden's at this time of course beau biden we've watched this potential grow over the years here locally, first serving as federal prosecute nerve philadelphia and then on delaware as attorney general life with so much political and personal promise lost now so soon. the promises we make to our children, who de is her after chance to succeed. >> for many, beau biden's ease on the public stage made him alikely choice for a long and great career in politics. political potential that will now never be realized. the 46 year old succombed to two year battle with brain cancer over the weekend at
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walter reed medical center. biden best known as delaware's two term attorney general, was remembered by his father, vice president, joe biden his absolute honor made him a role model for our family, beau biden embodied my father saying apparent no success when his child turns out better than he did. beau biden was quite simply, the finest man any of us have ever known. >> was called the sheriff because he was always the guy that was supposed to casino of watch out for the other kids. he was the designated driver. didn't smoke. >> biden's called to service led him beyond delaware to iraq where he is her affidavit year with the national guard while balancing the office of attorney general back home. he leaves behind a wife, daughter and son. >> and we have watched the biden's triform of over tragedy before including 1972 fatal car crash in which is his mother and sister died, but beau biden and his brother hunt did he survive. delaware the governor has ordered allstate and us flags in delaware be flown as half staff. erika, ukee?
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>> justin, tributes are powering in for beau biden. delaware governor jack markell said beau biden spent his entire career in the service every his country and his statement. he was outstanding attorney general, lawyer, soldier and father. i feel privilege today have served with him and delaware is a better place thanks to him. senator chris coons added. >> this. beau biden was an extraordinary father husband son and public servant above all, he was a good and december end man, his pass something a great lost for his family and friends and for delaware. please stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage, as soon as we learn more about funeral plans, we'll have them for you on television and on line at time right now 5:08. over night major part of the patriots act expired after the senate failed to pass legislation to extends it. as of midnight, the national security agency lost its power to collect phone records, and data in bulk through surveillance methods. supporters say that program helps keep an eye on potential
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terror related activities. ken tongue i senator rand paul calls it an unconstitutional intrusion into american's privacy. >> people say how will we protect ourselves without these programs? what about using the constitution? what about using judicial warrant? the boston bomber, they say how will we lock at his phone records? get a warrant. >> the laps is expected to be brief. many now expect the senate will pass a modified version of the patriots act that made it way through the house last week. secretary of state, john kerry, plans to return to boston today to continue his treatment for a broken leg. he broke his leg in a bicycle crash in france yesterday morning after the crash the 71 year old was flown to a hospital in jen eve a switzerland, for treatment. kerry canceled the remainder of four-nation trip that included an international conference on combating the islamic state group. still ahead this morning some work remembers about to get a raise in their next paycheck. >> we'll let you know who is
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raising the minimum wage t may not stop with today's hike. >> also, security scare when phil i fan caught with a drone flying over the stadium and that's not the only drama caused by drones. and an out of control car slams into a crowded airport. now we're learning new information about what caused the crash and the injured people. and driving could be little dicey this morning with overnight rain, and flashflood watches. katie is tracking those storms when we do traffic and weather together on the 3's. you want to be careful when you head to work and school. we'll be r
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this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at morning, everyone, we are are working to finds out if phil east fan will face thinks charges after security scare at yesterday's game. the faa is investigating after security officials notice add fan flying a drone above citizens bank park during the sixth inning. faa rules ban people from
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flying any devices over stadiums during games. the fan told police he was trying to take pictures, and video of the game. so far no charges have been filed. >> right now 5:13, we want to check in with katie and all about those thunderstorms to talk about. >> we certainly do. not everyone getting hit at this exact moment. where you are getting hilt very heavy and soaking rain coming along with thunderstorms coming, little pockets rolling through the thing is as we take it out to storm scan3 this isn't once and done. >> like lick fresh round, will pick up at lunchtime keep oncoming right through tonight. >> i have a feeling that minor drought stat thaws we had as of last report from the us drought monitor is very likely going to be wiped clean here. we will sort of have clean slate to start off w0 in on couple of the spots. one of the most, you know,
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heavy suppose of -- spots every rain finding out of philadelphia, gloucester county. >> this one particular little batch is registering in with moving along at relatively quick clip. seeing as much as say .6 of an inch or more with the rainfall rate here across portions of gloucester county so it is pounding down even though it is not going to be over for you, over your area, for an entire hour necessarily. you know, if you're driving within that, it can certainly slow you down, lead to flooded roadways. we've had numerous reports of that, as justin will be telling us all morning. this front granted sags off to the south. it will leave behind, however, morning showers tomorrow cooler day by comparison with daytime highs at best in the mid seven's little closer to seasonable actually believe it or not. then we do see tame err outlook, un fowl here, for both wednesday and thursday. it also looks like shot either day to ends up with residual shower. while we are going to just keep it optimistic for you here. wednesday, thursday, and friday expecting to see some
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sunshine also, expected possibility at least woe might see shower along the way but today is barr-none hands down the wettest and certainly most unsettled day of this entire forecast. >> we can use the rain though right? >> absolutely. but little too much. >> coming down, yes. >> just have to slow down. thanks. >> once that ponding on the road. >> we've seen a lot of that out there. amazing how that radar the rain just lined upright over the i95 corridor. riff start. taking you to 76, eastbound dollars headlights approaching bo month. do have disable vehicle that's taking out the right lane. and, probably, most likely, due to that ponding or puddles on the road a loft road spray to deal with. make sure wipers blades are in good shape, as well. here we go, 95 northbound, before 420, car spun out on the shoulder see the headlight pointing the wrong direction, again it, has to be just high speeds running into the ponding on the water or on the road. speeds looking pretty good for
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the most part, you want to slow down, even though not at the speed limit. watch out for flooding both directions northbound, southbound, on the blue route between broomall and saint david's. two accidents to talk about on the jersey turnpike, first one, before burlington mt. holly, left lane block. then another one farther south, northbound, before route 3202 all lanes open, that accident is on the shoulder. heads up upper providence, downed tree route one southbound at route 252 police are directing traffic. that's a look at your ride this morning ukee, back to you flocking -- looking for little inspiration to get off the couch and work out? the oldest runner ever to do a marathon. >> if she can do it, just saying. also after mid-air disaster at air show watch went wrong just moments before these two planes collided? and then plunged into the water? we'll be right back.
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>> you can see planes flying near each other it seems one loses power right there they collided, then fell into the path of the other plane. both plummeted into the water below. one of the pilots survived, and emergency landing however, divers found the other pilots body. >> police say a driver misstook the gas pedal for the break in a crash that injured nine year old girl at los angeles international airport. the car hit that little girl, then crashed into a terminal on sunday afternoon. the girl is in critical condition. two others were in the car they were also hurt, but their injuries are not life threatening. >> ten people are injured after a crane accident on madison avenue in mat hand and. sunday morning lifting massive air-conditioning unit to the roof with it fell 28 stories on to the street and hit a car. the unit created a trail of damage along the build cents action's facade, and they're not sure why the air
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conditioner broke free. >> a number of setbacks in front that far building, and we're lucky that this piece of equipment didn't fall directly into one of those set-back roofs, and go through the building. >> wow. all of the injured are expected to fully recover. streets around the building were expected to be reopened by this morning's commute. >> right now it is 5:20, and we're of course used to seeing planes, coaches, getting doused when gatorade after a game. nothing like this. >> see what happens when the wrong person gets drenched. >> also, talk about expensive mistake. the search search is on for woman who dumped valuable computer well realizing just how much money it is worth. more
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>> in elizabeth, pick up truck hydroplane. the streets became a river for trash and trash cans, just to float around. and folks getting in that water, oh, just not supposed to do those things, katie right now 523:67:89 and we're seeing some pretty severe storms too. >> we absolutely r the biggest thing is the heavy rain amounts, that are coming with this. and we saw that very same thing, just in the video from yesterday. it was more so just removed to some of the north and western counties outside of most of the area, poconos got slammed yesterday northampton county got hit hard, as well, now all sort of just replace itself or displace philadelphia self, little further south and east, so now, it messes with our morning drive. at the wider zoom, it would appear, at face value like new england so one getting the brunn of this, but all you got to do is zero in on the area granted not everyone getting hit right now. but where you are getting hit you're getting slammed with very soaking rain, the thing is we're not done once this
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rolls out of here, guys. we could actually say for this on the road graphic not just this morning, but even into the afternoon and evening drive, you will be coming across these issues, downpours, the spray from other vehicles even if it is not raining poor drainage flooding, very real concern with flashflood watches posted essentially on the entire vicinity of i956789 so you have to slow down. do you have use caution. you have to expect that you are going to be slowed down because of the weather today. and, umbrella is essentially a requirement, guys. you know, i always like to tell when you you don't need to take it along today not one of the dates take it, you will be happy you d mid 70s the expectation, look ahead to tuesday, wednesday thursday, friday. lingering showers left over tomorrow morning then we should dry out. but it does right now appear as though we'll have disturbance close enough wednesday, thursday, or friday, that we've got at least throw in chance for shower any of the days, too. we'll keep it optimistic, keep partly sunny icon on the graphic. >> good call there. i agree with. that will all about the sunshine, all right, yes, a lot of humidity outside. you can feel it.
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what is helping to fuel the heavy downpours, seeing ponding on road this morning watch out for reduced visibility, as well. some accidents to talk b this car actually spun out. facing the wrong way. this is 95 north before 420. most likely just driving too fast running into that ponding out on the road. ben franklin bridge, a lot of wet roads to deal with as the heavy rain continues to move through the city right now. again, inbound and out bound looking okay in and out of the city. also into new jersey. good morning, new castle county delaware, south jersey, speeds looking good. still dealing with some rain along i-95, 495 over the delaware memorial bridge. just drop your speed few extra miles per hour when headed out. upper providence downed tree at route one south bound at route 252, police are directing traffic around that incident. new jersey turnpike, couple of accidents, one before burlington mt. holly left lane block northbound also farther south and we are look at before route 322 accident on the shoulder, getting by
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with in problems. also berlin, white horse pike, westbound at haddon avenue, the off ramp remains closed due to sinkhole. the alternate is crosskeys road. that's a look at your ride this morning we send it back over to you, ukee. >> jd, thanks so. the phillies are off until they play the reds tomorrow night in south philly. so they lost to the rockies yesterday. their seventh straight lost. the phils annual festival, that's where the ph starts today 4:30 at the ball yard, fun filled autograph party and you can sean to help strikeout als, also known as lou gehrig's dig east, since 1984 the phils raised more than $15 million to raise awareness and fight als. >> well the texas rangers went over 500 dramatic rbi by josh hamilton and then celebrated with the traditional gatorade shower. trouble is, ya, they accidentally drench rangers emily jones. emily took it in good spirit. she shook it off and continued with hereinto view just a tad
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later, rangers though, might want to practice that gator all celebration a little bit more. good time, i hope, by all. look at the cameras going. they got her. >> week two begin today at the nova care complex the ota are not mandatory, so far, there is no word if lineman evan mathis will be on hand. he wants a new contract. birds mandatory mini camp starts in two weeks thanks, ukee, coming up in the next half hour every "eyewitness news", another contender err gets ready to join the race for the white house, also gas prices hit their highest level of the year. where experts think the prices at the pump are headed as the summer driving season kicks into high gear. justin and katie return with your traffic and weather together on the 3's. big storms out there expect some rain today katie has the dough tails whether we come right back.
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following breaking news, two dozen people out of their house. update on the damage left behind from there row home fire coming up. >> first, don't leave home without your umbrella this morning or your rain gear. stormy start to the work week. >> now, katie is saying there is also a threat of flashflooding, will impact you driving to work and school this morning. let's check in with her. >> that's right. it does appear to me as though we will be stuck with the wet weather almost any time today. probably get break by mid-morning. that will common the heals of this mess that's currently out there. you have got some heavy rain obviously, numerous thunder storm, frequent lightning that's coming in with it, just embedded within some of the pockets here. but not everyone is getting hit. that doesn't mean that you're not going to run into issues. we've got certainly plenty of left over what, you know, just rain that's left on the roadways from all of the rain that came through yesterday. specially off to the north. soap, you may just b


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